Sinners is a fictional rock band. This site is for entertainment purposes only.

The band members of Sinners appear in the series of erotic romance novels, Sinners on Tour, by Olivia Cunning.

Visit: www.oliviacunning.com for more information on the novels.

New Single in the Works

Iíd tell you what finally got Master Sinclair out of his music-writing funk, but you wouldnít believe me, so I wonít bother. Weíre currently working on our latest single, Sever, which will hit stores in the upcoming months. The song is amazing even though I donít sing the chorus. Guess who does?

-Sed Lionheart

Canceled Tour Dates

We apologize about the canceled tour dates. We promise to reschedule them all and offer tickets at half price for the rescheduled shows. Thanks for being so understanding. The past month has been hard on us all. We couldnít ask for better fans. Your support in times like these helps us pull together more than youíll ever know.

-Eric Sticks

Yes, the Rumors Are True

I got married. Quit fucking asking me about it, already. Iím happy, okay? No, it will not affect the band. Weíre still on tour, arenít we? Well, mostly.


My wife is a wonderful woman. I donít appreciate the negativity some of you have expressed towards her. Keep your bullshit opinions to yourself.


Now that Iíve made that clear, I have a lot of amazing guitar work on the upcoming album. Itís going to blow your mind. Iíd like to thank my wife for all the inspiration. Sheís incredible.

-Brian Sinclair


Our fans in Salt Lake City are amazing. Yeah, you know why. Thanks for all the cards, the letters, and the emails. You keep me going when Iím ready to give up.

So, yeah...

Thanks. Much love.

And keep sending those tattoo pics!

-Trey Mills


Yeah, it rules. I knew it would. Free crotch rocket rides for all who are interested. Meet me outside the bus.

-Jace Seymour

Book Featuring Sinners

On Sale Now

Olivia Cunning has written the story of Brian Sinclairís fall from bachelorhood in this unauthorized biography featuring the entire band. I have to warn you, itís very sexually explicit. I had no idea that kind of stuff happened on the tour bus. Now I know why so many guys want to be rock stars.

-Jerry Maloney, Manager



Upcoming Shows


Lied Center

- Lincoln, Nebraska


St. Pete Times Forum

-Tampa, Florida



-Los Angeles, California


Mandalay Bay Events Center

(opening for Exodus End)

-Las Vegas, Nevada


Desert Sky Pavilion -


-Phoenix, Arizona


Frank Erwin Center -


-Austin, Texas


Starplex Amphitheater -


-Dallas, Texas


Civic Center -


-Mobile, Alabama


New Orleans Arena -


-New Orleans, Louisiana


Lakewood Amphitheater - CANCELED

-Atlanta, Georgia


Energy Solutions Arena

-Salt Lake City, Utah


Save Mart Center

-Fresno, California


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Second Book About Sinners

On Sale Now

Olivia Cunning has done it again. This time sheís told a behind the scenes story surrounding that little incident between Sed Lionheart and Jessica Chase. Find out what really happened between them in Las Vegas. It canít be as bad as the rumors, can it?

-Jerry Maloney, Manager