Sinners is a fictional rock band. This site is for entertainment purposes only.

The band members of Sinners appear in the series of erotic romance novels, Sinners on Tour, by Olivia Cunning.

Visit: www.oliviacunning.com for more information on the novels.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is Sinners a real band?

A. No. Sinners is a fictional band created by author Olivia Cunning. They are featured in a series of five erotic romance novels entitled, Sinners On Tour. Click here for more details.

Q. I tried to buy Sinners tickets, but couldn’t get any. Will more be available soon?

A. Sinners shows are sold out months in advance. Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis. Sorry!

Q. I saw Sed propose marriage to some woman onstage in Pittsburgh. Did he ever get married?

A. No.

Q. Why did Jon Mallory quit the band?

A. Out of respect for Jon’s privacy, we will refrain from answering that question at this time. The band wishes him well.

Q. Have Brian and Trey really known each other since elementary school?

A. Yes, that’s true. They’ve been best friends since fifth grade.

Q. Why can’t I buy any Crysys songs? I want to hear how Brian, Trey, and Eric sounded before they formed Sinners.

A. Trust us when we say, you do not want to subject your ears to that. Crysys never officially recorded any songs in the studio, so have no releases available for purchase.

Q. When will Sinners’ next album be released?

A. We’ll clock some studio time eventually.


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